Project Management

Our planning team will sit down with your managers and analyze the needs of your users. We will help develop detailed functional requirements which will serve as a starting point for your project. 

Saphere Solutions will help your organization convert your functional requirements into a system-level design. Everything from subsystems to database design will be documented to ensure you are getting exactly what you need.

Our team of developers will take these designs and transform them into an effective and efficient suite of applications. Code reviews and unit testing will be performed to certify a given subsystem is ready for the next level of testing.

Functional and system testing will be used to demonstrate that the application suite complies with the previously defined design documents. We will work hard to fix all issues as quickly and cleanly as possible.

As the software is released into the projection environment, we will document and resolve all issues as they are reported from the field. This phase is not complete until the software is running at an acceptable, production-ready level. 

If requested, Saphere Solutions will continue to maintain and support the software on a day to day basis. Enhancements, reporting, bug fixes and operational assistance can all be worked into the support agreement.

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