Custom Development

Application Development
Saphere Solutions has been actively involved in designing databases at all levels. At the PC, our expertise spans across SQL Server, Paradox and MySql. Our mid-tier SQL Server databases are designed to effectively capture, propagate and report your most important data. At the highest level, our exceptional experience with HP Nonstop SQL allows us to regularly processes over 400 transactions per second in a production environment.
Database Design
From customer-facing applications to back office servers to microservices, our team has the experience you need to effectively collect, store, maintain and report your critical data. We have a proven record for adapting to the latest technologies and keeping our clients relevant in an ever-changing IT environment. We will work with your management and IT teams to develop a robust set of applications to keep your entire team informed.

.Net Development
As we help our clients move into the future, the Saphere Solutions team has created powerful back end servers using Microsoft’s .NET Framework. These servers are responsible for everything from Price Lookups to handling the communications between a Microsoft based computer and the HP Nonstop servers. We have developed Web APIs and microservices that are not only internally useful to our clients, but they also serve as effective communications to their external partners.
HPE NonStop Development
With over 15 years of experience working with HPE NonStop Servers (previously Tandem Nonstop Servers), we can design, develop and maintain applications to run on HP’s fault tolerant architecture. We have worked with both private and public sector clients create mission-critical applications that support high-volumes of data that are required to be continuously available.
NonStop is a trademark of HPE NonStop.
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